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Nicole Barnes

It was exactly what I was looking for...

"Charley's Facebook MBA prorgam has been exactly what I was looking for in terms of a no fluff, systematic and top-down. There's a lot of integrity in Charley's approach and he's just been answering all the questions I've had that I couldn't find answers to anywhere else."

Voltaire from Kaizen Media

Charley has taught me to think at a higher level when it comes to ads.

"The program has taught me exactly how to make the Facebook algorithim work in our favor, and in our clients' favor, so that we're not constantly chasing random conversion metrics that really don't matter and to focus on the key things that actually move the needle forward."

Meagan Bukowski

I'm so thankful... It's been a total game changer for me.

"I've been through so many courses and agencies that I've been burned by and it's really been a rough road with ads. I love that everything you teach is so different and the results show. This has been the most consistent my ads have every been, and I've made the most sales in my business since working with you."

Jacob's Success Story

This has changed my life and it is absolutely worth it.

"Charley is one of the only people that was saying stuff that made sense across all of his videos. I got the impression that he actually teaches information that allows you to gain confidence in your ability to get attention from other people on Facebook. I thought that"