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Intro to A.I. Assisted Copywriting [Masterclass]

Intro to A.I. Assisted Copywriting [Masterclass]

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Let's start by addressing the fundamental question:
What is good copywriting?


Bernard Baruch, considered the most persuasive man of the 20th century, said, "Find out what people want and show them how to get it."

This sets the tone for this masterclass, emphasizing the importance of understanding your audience's needs and crafting copy that guides them towards a solution.

The Process in Action
We will dive into the practical aspects of using AI in copywriting.


We will cover a step-by-step process that includes -

Feeding Research Boxes:
*Gathering data and insights to inform your copy.

Running Audience/Product Research Prompts:
*Using AI prompts to understand your target audience and product better.

Choosing the Type of Copy:
*Deciding what kind of copy you need to write, be it for email campaigns, Facebook ads, Google ads, landing pages, or Video Sales Letters (VSLs).

Prompts and AI Tools:
I will share my AI copywriting process, focusing on how to effectively use prompts in AI tools. We will discuss various sources to feed the research prompts and how to run these prompts to the point of creating actionable copy.

Resources and Recommendations:
I'll also provide a list of resources and recommendations for further learning and tools.

This is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in leveraging AI for copywriting. This not only covers the theoretical aspects but also provides practical tips and resources for immediate application. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced copywriter, this offers valuable insights into the evolving world of AI-assisted copywriting.


Course Curriculum:

  • What is Good Copywriting?
  • Learning the Foundations
  • The AI Game-Changer
  • My AI Apps of Choice
  • Useful Prompts in the Market
  • Real-World Applications
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