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Nicole Barnes

It was exactly what I was looking for...

"Charley's Facebook MBA prorgam has been exactly what I was looking for in terms of a no fluff, systematic and top-down. There's a lot of integrity in Charley's approach and he's just been answering all the questions I've had that I couldn't find answers to anywhere else."

Bailey Pickett

Since joining Disrupter School, I've literally been able to 10x my business

"I have nothing but positive feedback to give. I have honestly had no trouble with my marketing and that is all thanks to Charley for providing all of the resources that I need to be successful as possible."


Meagan Bukowski

I'm so thankful... It's been a total game changer for me.

"I've been through so many courses and agencies that I've been burned by and it's really been a rough road with ads. I love that everything you teach is so different and the results show. This has been the most consistent my ads have every been, and I've made the most sales in my business since working with you."

Jacob's Success Story

This has changed my life and it is absolutely worth it.

"Charley is one of the only people that was saying stuff that made sense across all of his videos. I got the impression that he actually teaches information that allows you to gain confidence in your ability to get attention from other people on Facebook. I thought that"

Disrupter School Testimonial

I now know that I'm bringing actual change and success to my clients

"Charley brings us incredible value every single day at the Disrupter School. Before joining, I was following all the other gurus online... and it didn't make any sense. Charley taught me everything and now it's all simplified and I know exactly how to run my creative testing."

Voltaire from Kaizen Media

Charley has taught me to think at a higher level when it comes to ads.

"The program has taught me exactly how to make the Facebook algorithim work in our favor, and in our clients' favor, so that we're not constantly chasing random conversion metrics that really don't matter and to focus on the key things that actually move the needle forward."

Meet Charley

The Founder of the Facebook Ads MBA & Disrupter School

I love helping people see MORE SUCCESS and LESS STRESS, to scale their business with confidence.

  • Over a decade of Facebook Ads experience
  • Experience in scaling DTC & SAAS brands to 8 & 9 figures
  • Passionate about teaching brands and agencies how to scale leverage framework, systems, and process to master scaling


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Untitled design (1).png__PID:5cd07767-99a6-461e-8efa-11a724da28b9

so What Does leveraging the top 1% strategies look like?

these Strategies are what makes the Facebook MBA program different

Many of you are probably tired of the guesswork, the fluctuating performance, and the elusive nature of sustainable scaling. You're looking for a way to turn sporadic success into a consistent, predictable growth engine.

But odds are you’ve tried all of that, it hasn’t worked, and you’re here now. Here's the thing: it's not your fault. There’s tons of conflicting information out there across the internet, and all the self-proclaimed “gurus” claiming cost caps or bid caps are going to be the magic pill that fixes your facebook ad performance.

Information overload is very real and it is exhausting—It's time to simplify the process. I’ve created this program to show you a better way of scaling Facebook Ads by choosing to work alongside the machine, rather than against it.

The Facebook MBA Program isn't just another online course—it's a deep dive into strategic mastery crafted from real-world successes and failures. What sets this program apart is our focus on three foundational pillars:

  • Actionable Measurement
  • Simplicity and Optimization
  • Effective Testing

Included in this program are some of my most-prized strategies that I never share publicly, and have been tested and validated across half a billion dollars worth of ad spend across hundreds of industries and verticals.

These are strategies you might have heard me talk about like the:

Golden B-E-A-R
Testing Method

A proprietary technique and a roadmap to discovering what truly works in your campaigns and why, allowing for smarter scaling decisions. You’ll be able to validate ad concepts with pennies on the dollar and scale what works with confidence.

Performance Gate Scaling and One Campaign Architecture

Where you’ll learn to scale based on performance, not just budget, ensuring that every dollar spent is optimized for maximum return.

4Pi Analysis and Lead Qualifier Calculator

Which provide a granular look at your campaign performance and customer journey, helping you refine targeting and messaging for unparalleled precision.

Profitable Scaling Margin

Which is a concept that shifts the focus from top-line vanity metrics like ROAS to bottom-line profitability, ensuring profitable sustainable growth.

So, what are these strategies, and how can they help your Facebook marketing?

Demystifying Facebook's Ecosystem

A Deep Dive into Facebook’s AI Mechanics, Non-Linear Scalability
and How It Drives Your Ad’s Performance

Unraveling why Facebook ads are underperforming necessitates a profound understanding of the Facebook ecosystem and it’s AI mechanics. The complexity lies in the algorithm's propensity for non-linear scalability and the unpredictable behavior of ad delivery systems.

This requires continuous adaptation of Performance Gate Scaling strategies to ensure dynamic and results-driven budget allocation. One needs a dynamic, hands-off method of making adjustments.

The goal is to master the algorithm's nuances, converting every data point into a powerful tool for enhancing ad creatives and achieving consistently optimal CPA.

With Performance Gate Scaling, the challenge is twofold: firstly, the automation of ad budgeting to make spending not only dynamic but also results-driven, and secondly, implementing dynamic and hands-off adjustments to ensure optimal financial efficiency.

People fundamentally misunderstand how Facebook's system operates. It is not merely a social platform but a powerful AI driven system. An in-depth understanding of the machine learning mechanisms allows you to effectively control campaign outcomes and unlock exponential growth.

The goal is to identify and use the techniques that have transformed startups into industry titans, replicating these successes in an efficient manner, such as managing complex campaigns in just 4 hours a week.

I use a 3-step approach to dealing with the complexities of Facebook ad campaigns:


Harnessing AI and Machine Learning

for more precise targeting and campaign optimization.


Performance Gate Scaling

where I use automations to make real-time adjustments based on campaign performance, ensuring optimal use of the ad budget.


Using a 3-2-2 Ad Structure

which streamlines ad campaign execution. This simplifies the campaign creation process, making it more efficient and scalable.

Case Studies and Testimonials

join the Hundreds of students who have experienced the transformational power of the Facebook Ads MBA Program

Charles Kelly

The depth in which everything's explained isn't just surface level bullsh*t

"Disrupter School gave me a really deep learning about all the nuances of Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, and I absolutely love the community that's built here. Everyone is so helpful."

Disrupter School Student

Since learning from Charley, all of my learning anxieties have turned into excitement

"There was so much confusion on every platform available for learning and I felt paralyzed, anxiety started to kick in. Every fear that I've had when it came to marketing has turned to excitement. If you want to master this channel, and if you want to learn from the best of the best, this is definitely worth the investment."


Disrupter School Student

It's logical, makes sense, and there's proof behind all of Charley's practices.

"All of the chats, the community, and everything that I've been learning there has been incredibly valuable and I'm very happy with the investment so far. I've done a few of these kinds of courses that all say the same thing but I really enjoy your approach because it's logical and actually makes sense."

Disrupter School Student

Took my job from 8 hours a day down to a couple hours a week! 

"All I can say about the Disrupter School is that it's working, and it's made my job a whole lot easier. I've worked at a bunch of agencies and this has made everything so much easier. I've always known that there has to be an easier way. Everything I've learned just make sense, and it's simplified my work."

Disrupter School Testimonial

Charley has let me cut through all the bullsh*t that you don't need to pay attention to.

"Disrupter School has helped see the diamonds in the rough and understand your real numbers, understand the driving metrics and what to really focus on, and what's actually gonna push your bottom line. This has been the biggest frame shift that has hit me, just learning all these logs and ways to look at the business at a 50,000 foot view."

Michael from Prepa Pizza

Just breaking even to steadily making profit has been a huge change for us

"Coming into this as someone who knew almost nothing about Facebook advertising as a whole and was really just learning by trial and error, Disrupter School has helped me dial everything in and understand it which has made it easy to actually walk away rather than lording over it, worrying and wondering if we're gonna make sales."

You might be wondering, “Can’t I just run Facebook ads Iike I always have?”

The Transformation of Facebook Ads

Why Aligning with Facebook’s AI-DrivenAd System is Essential for Success

There are several key changes in the Facebook advertising landscape that are transforming how one must operate to achieve success:


Shift from Traditional Methods

Since 2015, the field has evolved dramatically, making traditional Facebook advertising methods ineffective. Advertisers who continue using outdated techniques risk being priced completely out of the Facebook channel.

The current landscape demands strategies and tactics which dovetail with the mechanisms of the Facebook AI and machine learning system.


Advanced Targeting and Engagement Strategies

Commonly used targeting methods like interest groups, lookalike, and retargeting audiences are becoming increasing ineffective. Broad targeting with advanced matching techniques is emerging as a game-changer for precision targeting.

Also, creating high engagement content is critical for lowering ad costs.


Facebook as an AI-Driven Platform

Understanding Facebook's evolution from a mere social platform to an AI-driven powerhouse platform is critical. Facebook’s machine learning capabilities are central to shaping consumer intent and crafting successful ad campaigns.

Those who fail to adapt to these changes will see increasing ad costs, lower performance, and ultimately be priced out of Facebook as a channel to use in their marketing.

But there is a resource that can guide you through the Facebook maze, and show you precisely how to generate the most success with your campaigns.

So the questions remains...

Are you ready to stop guessing and start scaling?

Are you ready to become a part of the top 1% of advertisers around the world capable of scaling to budgets as high as a quarter million dollars a day?

You may be skeptical, having tried various programs that promised the world and delivered next to nothing… which you should be.

But unlike every other course, program, or cheat sheet you’ve been through, the Facebook MBA Program is built on proven strategies that adapt to the ever-changing Facebook algorithms and market conditions backed by over a decade of hands-on experience and over a billion dollars in tracked revenue.

This isn’t about temporary hacks; it's about future-proof strategies that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Once you've joined, you'll get immediate access to the program materials:

  • The Full Facebook MBA Program
  • In-Depth Video Lessons
  • eBooks
  • Live Weekly Calls for Premium Members
  • My Personal Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Lectures to Understand the Theory Behind the Strategies
  • Practical Documents and Screen Shares of the Tactics in Action
  • Exact Campaign Setup and Structure
  • Planning Templates

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